Life in space - and how to get rid of it

I completed my #libGDXjam entry.

You can play the game here: jppresents.itch.io/space

While making the game I took a screenshot each minute, you can check out the commented timelapse video here:

It was really fun making this game with libGDX.

In a few days an android version should be available too.


Joining the #libGDXjam

On the 18th december last year the #libGDXjam started - and I joined.

You can check out my (so far 18 post) dev log here: http://itch.io/jam/libgdxjam/topic/12064/devlog-about-life-in-space-and-how-to-get-rid-of-it

And have a look at the game-page: http://itch.io/jam/libgdxjam/rate/50205

I also made some videos (all linked with more information in the dev log):

From old to new: