new dungeon crawler features: enemies and combat

Since the first video I have implemented some new features that I would like to present today:

The enemies (for details check out the last post) can now be targeted (the current target is highlighted) and you can interact by clicking on them. Interaction in this case means, you hit them and they hit you.

The hitting is visualized through an attack animation which moves the hand forward and rotates it nearly 90 degrees. Since the weapons are attached to the hand-bone the weapon appears to be swung.

There is no visualization for the impact of the weapon yet (I will try for some kind of blood particle effect later), but the damage is shown as a number that floats up and fades out.

The combat right now is very static, since there are no damage ranges, evasion chances, blocks, different attacks, skills or projectiles yet. I will have to come up with a fun fighting system once all the basics are in place.

The death of an enemy is animated too, they fall backwards and then sink into the ground.
Since the enemies are just a differently textured clones of the player we have the same animation for the player dying, minus the sinking into the ground part but with an added "lights out" effect (as seen at the end of the video).

I am working on a bat as a second type of enemy in blender:

And I am also coding a quick way to define dungeon layouts so I can start to test bigger dungeons.
So stay tuned or more updates.

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