three.js dungeon crawler

This is the first post about the game I am working on. At this point I plan to make a realtime dungeon crawler with hack n' slash combat. It's going to be a browser game that requires no downloads to play.

This video gives a short overview what I got so far:

To recap:
- two dungeon textures (groundfloor and wall)
- dungeon tiles (consisting of three tiles, ground, ground with one wall, ground with a corner)
- character texture
- character model with two animations (walking and idle)
- ground collision for the player
- custom mouse cursor, ability to detect clicks on the ground and visualize them
- player movement (toward the clicked target)
- different camera angles
- a test-weapon that can be attached to the players hand

I plan to create everything from scratch, which means only using assets I create myself (possibly with some artistic help from my wife) and to use only "basic" libraries not full game engines.

So far I am using:
- three.js for the graphics
- tween.js for all tweening needs (right now only the camera position changes)

I'll keep you posted on the progress here - and of course once there is any real gameplay I will link playable demos too.

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