combat against bats, wizards and those hammer guys

Here is a  new video showing off the wizards with their fireballs and the bats that are now available as enemies in the dungeon:

New in this video are also improved the combat animations for the main character. Instead of just moving the hand (and the weapon) now the whole character is animated to improve the feel of combat.

Every attack now has a range of damage, a critical chance and a critical damage percentage.

The combat texts have been changed a to better reflect what is going on: damage to the player is now red with a minus sign, damage to enemies is white and cirtical damage is yellow with a slightly bigger font.

Things planned next:
- new textures for the dungeon (reducing the amount of 90° angles drastically)
- objects like: barrels and health pools
- combat skills (I am thinking along the lines of swipe, stun, whirl, jump)

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