ludum dare 31 - one more small distraction

The last weekend was a ludum dare weekend and I decided to join the fun.

I created a small tower defense game titled "Stop Christmas".

It's using phaser & html 5 and you can play it here.

Ludum dare is game jam / competition in which you have 48 hours to create a game matching a given theme. The theme this time was "whole game on one screen" - my tower defense matches this, but not in a creative way. You also have to create all the assets (graphics / sounds etc.) yourself in this 48 hour window.

I was using the "unofficial" theme (which lost in the last round of theme voting) which was the unicode character "☃". This is why the enemies are all snowmen.

You can build and upgrade towers and the remaining health of the player is visualized by "how cold" it is.

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