enemy wizard character model

This morning I was not in the mood for coding, so instead I grabbed the avatar character model and modified it to create this wizard and thought I'd quickly show it to you:

evil wizard casting something
This also nicely sets up another coding goal. Since the wizard is clearly casting something, I will need to implement projectiles into the engine. In the case of the wizard I am thinking fireballs, but projectiles will be useful for arrows and other stuff, too.

This post was the first time I wanted to export a blender animation to gif.
Here is how that works:

  • render the blender animation into images (the default directory is c:\tmp)
  • load the images into a gimp project (as seperate layers, simply drag & drop all of them into the layer box)
  • change the image as needed (for example I cropped it)
  • run filters - animations - optimize
  • export (check "as animation") and choose a name ending in ".gif"

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