getting started with 3d: three.js + blender

I made the decision that I want to create a game in 3d.
This was three weeks ago. Since then I have made these technical decisions about the basics:

- javascript
- Blender for all modelling
- Gimp for all textures
- Webstorm to code it in
- three.js as the webgl library

Blender and 3d modelling in general is completely new to me, so I have been learning the blender basics for the last weeks. Also I have never programmed any 3d before, so getting to know three.js was also a challenge. I have used javascript/webstorm and gimp before to develop 2d-games, so at least those aren't completely new to me.

The reason behind the tools: Blender & Gimp are simply the best free tools available I could find. They also offer most of what the major (and pricy) products can do.
I decided on javascript, because I like the idea that no download is required for the game and it runs everywhere (where webgl is available) and also because I want to learn about programming the 3d parts of the game and not just use an engine like unity.

The first "released" results, a simple buttefly I modeled and animated in blender is displayed using three.js:

three.js butterfly
It's a virtual birthday card and not directly related to the game, but it was a good starting point to get to know the tools and evaluate them.

More about the actual game in the next post...

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